The Estonian Olympic Committee

The Estonian Olympic Committee (EOC) was founded on 8 December 1923. An independent Estonian team took part in the Olympic Games over the period of 1920-36. For political reasons the activity of the EOC was suspended in 1940-89 but it was not discontinued de jure. On 20 August 1991 the independence of the Republic of Estonia was proclaimed.

By decision of the Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee of 18 September 1991 the EOC was reintegrated into the Olympic Movement.

The EOC has recognized the Estonian sports associations of the Olympic sports and other associations of non-Olympic sports which are recognized by the IOC. The said national sports associations have the right to nominate their candidates to the EOC.

Eligible to be elected to the EOC are:

The highest body of the EOC is the session which will elect the Executives Committee of the EOC consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary General and seven members representing sports associations. The session will convene once a year. In the period between the sessions the activity of the EOC will be conducted by its Executive Committee which as a rule will convene at least once every three months.

The Members of EOC

The Executive Committee

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