Naked truth about the days past...
[ Original text was written by Sven "Flamer" Paulus in 12.November 1999 ]
[ This translation to english produced by Vary ]

About four years before the change of the century (well, five actually, because in decimal system decades, centurys & milleniums all end with a number 'zero', but blah nevermind...) a group of people, who all enjoyed the various forms of alternative dancemusic, gathered in Tallinn, EStonia. Big local events like 'Raveland' & 'Warehouse Groove' didn't offer anymore the experiences associating with the dark dens of underground. There was need for something different - an event without the candyravers, wannabes & fakes. And with a special selection of music.

And so, for some of the crew, one of the first descents into the true underground happened in an medieval dungeon in Old City of Tallinn. Known by the name 'Myyrivahe 33 1/3' , the place filled up in one warm evening in May with around forty freaks. The tired faces stared the sun again emerging from the basement next day at noon. Fifteen hours in a row lasting danceorgy, with the sounds of techno, jungle, house & hardcore, had squeezed the last juices of energy out of the youth. Following summer of year'96 brought people again and again into Myyrivahe. Party named 'Old Dusty Grooves' gave birth to worthy cyblings, named 'BrainMash'

After a few events the tentacles of gabberdemon had grown so much, that it needed a new place to exist. Claws stretched out to the empty industrial wastelands of an old printingfactory in the centre of Tallinn, place where - in the past - scenes for the famous soviet scifimovie "Stalker" were filmed. The 'Hobujaama' complex with its gloomy surroundings, dark passageways & broken windows became the new nest. Snow melted from the roofs of Hobujaama, while the darkest-roughest beats sounded in the former printing-plant of 'Mehis'. This was Underground raised to the cube. Gabbarhythms and environment formed a unique ecstasy.
But the joy didn't last long...

Events moved over to 'Neitsitorn'(Virgin Tower) in the Old City, where noise, penetrating through two floors, took virginity from all medieval ghosts occupying local passages.
The net spread out consistently and next place for a party was inetcafe 'Enter'.
'13' - that sinister-named pub at Lai Street became the arena for following actions. In the dark steamy archways with low ceilings the sweaty bodys jumped'n'pumped in an selfless trance, with their only purpose to abandon the material shell before morning & achieve unity in the gabberlevel.

To avoid the endless moving around, a descision formed to build a steady nest for the offspring. Certain basement in Luise street seemed to be a suitable place, but... The drums of hardcore brought an uninvited guests there. Aliens appeared to be the inhabitants of upper floors, who didn't want to be wise in the ways of modern dancemusic. To express their wishes more clearly, they invited there Men In Blue Uniforms. Representatives Of Law explained with physical methods the ultimate evilness of gabber. Followed a crusade of annoyed partypeople to policedepartement, demanding the iron doors of jail to be opened for unjustfully locked-up DJ Stoned Mouser. That event forced two violent policemen to lose their job and to change their uniform for a civilian outfit. But that jailhouse left it's doors viciously open for gabbers also in the coming days.

Autumn came with a longwaited reunion & 'Brainchatter I'. This time in ex-'Kastan' bar, where the crew in an elated mood celebrated birthdays of Reivik, Stoned Mouser & Dave. At some high spirited moment that night, the front of bar filled with blue-stiped cars and men. Someone from the police came up with an idea, that there was a nazy meeting going on. Folk without ID-s got stuffed into police minibus, 16 people all-together! Ride started. And lasted. Exited moods dominated in the shaking buscell, someone suggested, that maybe they are taken to execution. Sven(author of this story) decided to enjoy this brief life as much as possible and let loose his vocal skills. Soon the whole buscell sang together for a freedom. And the ride still lasted. Accused unjustfully in nazism, gabbers decided to take an oath to their loyality for homeland and by the time arriving at the Central policestation the anthem of EStonia sounded third time. After writing explanations about their actions and posing for pictures, folk moved back to the party. For 40 crowns all that happened was quite an entertainment. A thought appeared, that attraction named as 'Cops' must be included in flyers of future events.

Final peace from the disturbing officials came not before than in Ren's garage. That place in the center of city was, by miracle, left unnoticed by strangers. Aura from about ten or so splendid danceorgy's hovers around this place, which unfortunately has been marked for demolition these days.

To state, that there is still something new under the sun, this event in 19.November 1999 takes place at Vilmsi str.54, which will sum up the experiences from past actions.
'Brainchatter II' will be the monument to past times & milestone for the future.
Gabbers in rhythmslavery will gather again to prove, that the extremes of electronic dancemusic have a firm place in EStonian scene!

[ Original text was written by Sven "Flamer" Paulus in 12.November 1999 ]
[ This translation to english produced by Vary ]

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